aaaaand last night”

Well, last night @ebbalavey and I tried to be friends”


The beautiful Sammi Doll
Pc: Sarah Jane Photography

#flashbackfriday itty bitty sammi doll, before all the tattoos and bad ideas…”

#tbt #throwbackthursday when I used to work for and travel with #thegogos - St. Petersburg, FL 2011”

Adventured to the abandoned #spreepark yesterday. Been waiting a year and a half for that trip #berlin


Honestly - so many people ask me what sort of music i listen to and what can i recommend to them to check out new music - and seldom people actually take that advice. I challenge you - yes you - to take a listen to something new. It takes 3:30 of your time to find something you potentially will love and open new avenues for you - but you have to give it that initial 3 minutes of your time in order to find it. 

Why else are you guys following me anyway?

Now, if you like what you hear… come see us live next month!!! 

New Dates Added to LOSERS #andsoweshallneverparttour 

Reading and Milton Keynes.

Regardless of what happens with Scotland, I love you all the same you UK’ians you. (Yes, this means you too Glasgow) 

I have so much fun playing with this band, I want to share it all with you, and definitely have a chat and/or/and a drink afterward. 

Tickets can be purchased through:

and like us here:

Sammi Doll
Anonymous asked:
Why do you like sammi? She isn't anything but a leach trying to ride off jinxx fame

I like the way her forehead turns green at night. You can’t leech off someone who isn’t famous.

Happy birthday to my gorgeous and lovely @paulmullen . I’m so privileged to be a part of his life.  xxx”

kenwaylights asked:
once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers ❤

1. My eyes
2. My elf ear
3. My legs
4. My blog
5. Uhm uhm my eyebrows