"Ideal evenings."


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"One of my better morning looks"

Anonymous asked:
Do you think sammis music will be a stab at Jinxx?

I don’t know.. Many musicians do that but Sammi doesn’t seem like that kind of a musican.

Anonymous asked:
Do you think Sammi and Paul are in love? I ask because I know sammi was with Jinxx a long time and she got hurt and it probably takes a long time to get over that and trust someone

I don’t know. Only Sammi knows the answer to that question.

Anonymous asked:
What kind of music do you think she's going to release with this album she said she's finished?

I have a feeling she’s going to make a sort of.. Indie album. A mixture of My Satellite and maybe IAMX. Basically, something you can listen to and just close your eyes and enjoy the music.


I’ve found that Eeek isn’t one to bring around a dinner party for an invigorating conversation. I have reached a wall with her… she never wants to hang out properly and discuss the finer things in life such as tea, the seven seas, cabbages and kings… I try to tell her the tall tales of literature of celestial landscapes and imaginary beings that live in a world not too distant from here that revolve around adventure and sorcery … but she always somehow makes it about her and her fucking worms 

"Making friends"

'Saw my friend Sam today'